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Facial treatments

All treatments are performed by us in a relaxed and tranquil environment. We cater to your individual skin requirements and give you a newfound sense of well-being.

We recommend a treatment every four to six weeks for an optimum skincare routine and to preserve the skin's beauty.

Basic facial treatment
Cleansing, peel, serum, mask and finishing
CHF 110.-

facial treatment  
Cleansing, peel, manual deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, serum, mask, face and décolletage massage and finishing
CHF 150.-

Premium treatment

Cleansing, microdermabrasion, manual deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, application of various active ingredient concentrates with ultrasonic waves, face and décolletage massage, mask and finishing
CHF 215.-

Extras for facial treatments

Ultrasonic treatment | Peeling, moisture penetration, introduction of active ingredients CHF 35.-
Ultrasonic treatment | Vitalisation CHF 25.-
Ultrasonic treatment | Wrinkle treatment CHF 25.-
Fruit-acid peel   price starting from CHF 25.-
Microdermabrasion  price starting from CHF 40.-
Special mask CHF 20.-
Radio-frequency face   10 to 15 min CHF 50.-
Dermastamp  zone CHF 90.-
IPL couperose or pigmentation marks  price starting from CHF 60.-
IPL skin rejuvenation CHF 80.-