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All fees include 7,7% VAT.

Apprecentices and students receive 10% reduction if valid ID is presented (apply up to 25 years).

Skin analysis

Skin analysis CHF 95.-
Skin analysis  before treatment  CHF 60.-

Facial treatments

Basic facial treatment
Cleansing, peel, serum, mask and finishing
CHF 110.-

facial treatment  
Cleansing, peel, manual deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, serum, mask, face and décolletage massage and finishing
CHF 150.-

Premium treatment

Cleansing, microdermabrasion, manual deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, application of various active ingredient concentrates with ultrasonic waves, face and décolletage massage, mask and finishing
CHF 215.-

Extras for facial treatments

Ultrasonic treatment | Peeling, moisture penetration, introduction of active ingredients CHF 35.-
Ultrasonic treatment | Vitalisation CHF 25.-
Ultrasonic treatment | Wrinkle treatment CHF 25.-
Fruit-acid peel   price starting from CHF 25.-
Microdermabrasion  price starting from CHF 40.-
Special mask CHF 20.-
Radio-frequency face   10 to 15 min CHF 50.-
Dermastamp  zone CHF 90.-
IPL couperose or pigmentation marks  price starting from CHF 60.-
IPL skin rejuvenation CHF 80.-

Acne cleasing

Facial lymphatic drainage CHF 60.-
Cleansing short, 30min CHF 70.-
Cleansing   price at cost
CHF    110.- to 155.-
Back CHF    110.- to 155.-
Cleansing with lymphatic drainage CHF 155.-


Microdermabrasion including facial mask CHF 160.-
Microfacial  microdermabrasion, ultrasonic waves and mask CHF 185.-

Chemical peel

Chemical peel CHF   160.- to 180.-


Entire face CHF 260.-
Entire face and neck CHF 310.-
Entire face, neck and décolleté CHF 360.-
Several facial zones CHF 180.-
Single facial scars or wrinkles price at cost
Treatment regimen, entire face or several facial zones price on request

Mesotherapy face

Vital Injector™
Entire face CHF 350.-
Several facial parts price on request


Entire face CHF 250.-
Lower eyelid CHF 100.-
Neck or décolletage CHF 200.-
Both back of the hand CHF 200.-

Mesotherapy body

Vital Injector™
per zone: upper abdomen, lower abdomen, inner or outer thighs CHF 195.-
Treatment regimen per zone price on request

Radio-frequency face

Neck or décolletage, incl. mask CHF 95.-
Neck and décolletage incl. mask CHF 210.-
Entire face, without mask CHF 190.-
Entire face, incl. mask CHF 210.-
Treatment regimen price on request

Radio-frequency body

Single session, 30min CHF 90.-
Single session, 60min CHF 175.-
Treatment regimen, 30min / 60min price on request

Pigmentation marks

Cosmelan® incl. care products CHF 1'100.-

Eyelashes and brows

Eyelash tinting  during treatment CHF 30.-
CHF 50.-
Eyebrow tinting  during Treatment CHF 20.-
CHF 35.-
Eyelash and brow tinting
CHF 60.-
Eyebrow shaping
CHF 35 to 45.-
Eyebrow tinting & shaping CHF 50.-
Eyelash & brow tinting & shaping CHF 80.-


Evening makeup CHF 85.-
Bridal makeup, including trial session CHF 200.-
Makeup consultation CHF 150.-


Single hairs   per minute  (additional one-time 5CHF for needle)
CHF 3.50

Cellulite treatment

Arosha body wraps. We recommend a treatment regimen of 6 to 10 sessions. CHF 90.-


Blood vessels on the face   per minute  (additional one-time 5CHF for needle)
CHF 3.50

Hair removal with laser

Face  woman CHF 165.-
Upper lip / Chin  woman CHF 80.-
Upper lip & Chin  woman CHF 150.-
Armpits CHF 140.-
Upper arms CHF 190.-
Under arms & Hands CHF 220.-
Hands CHF 120.-
Entire arms CHF 300.-
Bikini line CHF 150.-
Butt checks CHF 250.-
Thight / Lower legs CHF 300.-
Entire legs CHF 450.-
Half legs & Bikini line & Armpits CHF 500.-
Entire legs & Bikini line & Armpits CHF 600.-
Chest / Abdomen  men CHF 200.-
Chest & abdomen  men CHF 300.-
Entire back  men CHF 300.-
Neck  men CHF 150.-
Shoulders  men CHF 200.-
Treatment regimen of 6, 8 or 10 sessions price on request

In case you can't attend the appointment, we kindly ask you to inform us at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Unecxcused or abandoned appointment will be charged.