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Dr. med. Katrin Baumann Conzett

Practice for classic and aesthetic-cosmetic dermatology, as well as laser treatments for skin, including laser epilation treatments with the new Lightsheer Duet Diode Laser (most modern vacuum technology, practically painless).


D&R Performance - the secret to a dream body

D&R Performance stands for an innovative training concept that combines the best components of personal and group training, loaded with fun and activities charged with energy. The masterminds behind D&R Performance are two ambitious, highly motivated and experienced coaches who know what is important when it comes to fitness. Long gone are the days when the fitness studio was considered an impersonal and forbidding bodybuilding hangout. Thanks to D&R Performance, fitness has a new look, or rather two new faces: Daniel Hüsser and Remo Flecklin, your D&R coaches!

We offer our customers a wide range of different kinds of workouts comprised of a mixture of muscle building, fat reduction, coordination, balance, cardio-vascular and endurance. Whether in the fitness studio or outdoors, D&R workouts are so comprehensive that you feel the effects throughout the entire body. This is the only way we can attain the results requested by our customers.